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Hello! Since our last post — everything has changed!

At the end of April we were blessed and overjoyed to welcome Will’s baby sister Josephine into our family. So, while not everything has changed, we had to take a break from Will’s Kitchen for a while, but we are happy to say that we are back on our game — the allergen free game, of course. And while we hope that you didn’t miss us too much, we have still been cooking egg, dairy and nut free while following our routines of keeping up with all things allergic…. we just haven’t had the time to share. Moving forward, we hope to be checking in more frequently, but may not be able to on a weekly basis.. Here’s what’s been going on lately:

  • Right before Josephine was born (and I mean like the day before) Will and I did take the time to make Sweet Potato Biscuits from The Kitchn, pictured above (sans Maple Butter)… Although the biscuits were tasty, they were rather heavy so we are working on changing the recipe to be a little less filling… And The NOSH – Did Will Eat It? Yes!
  • Will had a visit with a new Allergist that offered us some alternative thoughts on our situation. I wrote a silly blog post over at For the Birds, from a parental perspective… We are still discussing where we go from here in terms of the new advice…
  • Since April, we have continued making several of our favorite recipes — Corn Bread, Chocolate Chip Cookies, AND – with the garden fresh basil – lots and lots of PESTO
  • We are super excited about trying out this Cinnamon Sugar Radish Chip recipe [the kitchn] and really appreciated the idea of Avocado and Olives Bruschetta from A Scientist in the Kitchen (who knew!)…
  • AND, Will’s Dad and I made these Pork Chops with Magic Dust [Serious Eats] last night — YUMMY, although I do recommend cutting the recipe in half even for 4 chops as there was a lot of spice wasted… although Will would never try this at 3 years of age, it still counts as dairy, egg and nut free!

AND because the internet is all knowing, a few other links on allergies include:

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