Leftover Roll-ups

We had a little left-over pork from our Stir Fry from the other night, as well as some extra Rice Papers from our recent Spring! Spring Rolls

We just added a little Plum Vinegar for some sweet & sour, Cole Slaw mixture of cabbage and carrots as well as a few Parsnip shavings..

And the NOSH – Did Will eat it? Well – we caught him testing out the texture of the rice paper — which is a HUGE step in the war against strange and unusual textures… We feel confident to say that we are on the road to taking a bite… Any day now!

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2 thoughts on “Leftover Roll-ups

  1. I, a thirty *cough* year old adult, won’t eat parsnips. Go Will. I’d like to see you show Snoop Dogg how to use rice paper when you two are on Martha’s show.

  2. Yeah, I bet Ry and Martha have a few handy methods for preventing it from ripping into tiny useless bits.
    Rank amateurs like myself can’t handle things like that.

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