Yay! March is here! Which only means that SPRING will be arriving in a few short weeks. Yes, we know. We could still see some drama — freezing temps, snow, sleet… ICE. But the weather isn’t going to stop the days from getting longer, which is always helpful.

It’s been a quick and crazy 10 months since last Spring when Will’s sister Josephine was born and we are FINALLY finding balance and time to get back to things in Will’s Kitchen. I’ve always said that pregnancy should also include an infant’s 1st year of life — the nine month incubation period (which feels like 12 months anyway) and then the first year of life until they start to show signs of independence — sitting up, rolling, crawling and then walking… talking, grabbing. Aside from the occasional bonk on the head, our little Jo is practically out the door! And with that we are finding time to get back on the food allergy research — following up on links and findings that might help and/or effect our daily lives… Although they might not be weekly, a little link love is always nice!


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